Back to Work without a Bump®

Kids and jobs. They can be a tough combination.

Going back to work after having a child, can suddenly throw up a whole host of challenges you might not have planned for. Or expected. Or be coping with.

Time management, flexibility around childcare, expectations of colleagues and simply the energy required to balance parenthood, work, home and life, are just some of the struggles working parents face every day.

Back to Work without a Bump® is a maternity and paternity coaching programme with a focus on the retention, progression and performance of career-committed parents in the workplace.

It has five key stages to support parents through pregnancy, maternity/paternity leave and their return back into work:

Back to work without a bump timeline

Lyndsey tackles serious subject matter with an emphasis on the unique, the creative, the inclusive and the MsChief Making way. 

Take the full, five stage program or dip in and out of any stage. A bespoke package can be created for the key individuals in your organisation.

Make sure your talented employees get back to work without a bump. For more information please get in touch today.