Welcome to M4 Coaching. I'm Lyndsey Oliver, Chief MsChief Maker.

You could say that I'm an expert on female leadership. That I deliver robust, one-to-one and group coaching programs designed for senior female leaders and career committed parents. That I consult on strategic decision making on diversity and inclusion to enable more women to progress to the C-Suite.

What I'd rather say is, I'm Chief MsChief Maker. My mission is to restore gender balance in the workplace, and to restore work-life balance for individuals. 

My approach is to get to the heart of what is actually stopping female progression. I look at leadership, parenthood and company culture. Explore bias in systems and processes. From inner beliefs, patterns of behaviour and discovering unconscious bias. I get curious around the various sterotypes and belief systems around women in the workplace. I look for imposed and self-imposed glass ceilings so that female leaders and career-committed parents can show up as their best and most authentic selves.

Retain, empower and progress your leaders with groundbreaking interventions that twist tried and tested coaching models into creative, experiential and MsChief Making experiences.

This is M4 coaching.

Let me help you restore the gender balance in your workplace. To find out more, please get in touch today. Further information on Making MsChief can be found here.